The Young Lady

30 Mar

Young ladies don’t have to follow celebrites, or people they know personally who exhibit bad behaviors. They can learn what is the right thing to do.

Author – Shamela McClain

Nationwide (March 29, 2011) — The Elis Clain Group is offering a printable version of the text, The Young Lady; A Book of Foundational Teachings for Diamonds Still in the Rough [McClain, Shamela; ECG; 2010; $17.00], free of charge to non-profit organizations who would like to duplicate and present the material to at-risk girls.

Along with the handbook, a start-up kit will be provided with instructions on how to register for handbook updates, and on how to present the material while maintaining content integrity, and content continuity.

The Young Lady’s Afterschool Program (TYLAP), an etiquette course developed using the handbook as its curriculum, is currently being implemented in two San Diego, California public schools.

All non-profits, who would like to review and possibly present the material to the at-risk girls they serve, are encouraged to visit the website or send an email to for more information.

The Elis Clain Group, which is a network created for ordinary people who give back, is extending an invitation to all service-oriented individuals who offer a service, to post a link on the ECG website.

Shamela McClain

List of black scholarships can be found here…

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