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I Don’t Believe This Happen

Mother Handcuffed And Arrested For Cheering At Child’s High School

Shannon Cooper cheered as her daughter walked across the stage to get her diploma from South Florence High School Saturday night, but just minutes later, Shannon was handcuffed and arrested” (THIS IS PART OF RACISM WHITE SUPREMACY)

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Matt Has The Eye Of The Tiger

Matt has Spastic Cerebral Palsy, but opted to run in Field Day at Colonial Hills Elementary School despite being given the option to sit it out and despite the incredible challenge of his disability. What transpires is a boy who is filled with determination and a school of children who spontaneously come together and inspire Matt and everyone of us to do and be better.

CaseClosed2: We can all learn from Matt and his teammates perseverance and a strong will to never give up will insire you and others. Yes! You go Matt!

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5th Grader Gets Missing School Note From President Obama

How cool is that? The note thing is similar to what New Jersey Governor Chrisitie did for a boy who missed school to hear him speak. Christie wrote him an excuse for missing school note also.

5th grader Tyler Sullivan gets an executive excuse note from President Obama

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This Is Has To End

‘Happy kid’ kills himself over bullying at two NYC schools

The family of a 12-year-old says the boy had been teased about his father’s death before the child killed himself. WNBC-TV’s Roseanne Colletti reports.
NEW YORK CITY — A 12-year-old boy harassed by school bullies about his intelligence, his height and his deceased father killed himself in the New York City apartment he shared with his mother, according to relatives and those who knew him, reported.

“I want to remember him as a happy kid,” his anguished sister told NBC 4 New York on Thursday

Joel Morales, of East Harlem, moved to a different school after enduring incessant taunting for months, but the bullying persisted, the fifth-grader’s family said.

Kids chased Morales, threw sticks and pipes at him and teased him for his smarts and his 4-foot-9 stature, his family said.

Morales’ anguish reached a breaking point when bullies taunted him about his father, who died when he was four years old, according to relatives.

His mother, Lisbeth Babilonia, found him hanging in their apartment at about 11:30 p.m. Tuesday, hours after she had organized a search party when he didn’t return home on time from an after-school club.

An occupational therapist who worked with Morales at one of the schools because of his diminutive size told NBC 4 New York the boy only reluctantly talked about his problems.

“It was very difficult, especially with a child like Joel who wants so badly to please everyone, to see that he was really in pain, that he was struggling,” said Maria Ubiles.

Family: Bullying by ‘wolf pack’ led to Texas teen’s suicide

Arlene Gago, a youth minister from a church group, said she spoke with Morales regularly at the Jefferson Houses where he lived but never knew of his distress.

NY teen killed by bus had suicide note, police say; family alleges bullying

“I always asked him, ‘How you doing? How’s school?'” she said. “We talked but he’d never tell me what was going on.”

Was 15-year-old Lennon Baldwin’s death a result of bullying?

A classmate told Morales’ family that the boy had said he was tired of the bullying and told them the details of the remark about his father that sent him over the edge.

Bullied girl’s suicide has ongoing impact

School officials declined to comment on the alleged bullying, citing privacy issues.

Police said Morales left no suicide note.

CaseClosed2: Isn’t there a zero tolerance in schools against bullying? Then why are kids continuing to be bullied and killing themselves?This has to stop NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No kid should be tormented so much he kills himself.This is outrageous. Schools that do nothing about bullying should be sued for millions of dollars if a kid kills himself because he was bullied.

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