School Want To Use Men To Paddle Girl Students

25 Sep

Taylor Santos: She can sit down again. (Shinehood)

School Weighs Rule Backing Paddling of Girls by Men

Texas district considering dumping ‘same sex’ limits on meting out corporal punishment

By Mary Papenfuss, Newser Staff

The Texas school where a mom freaked after her teenage daughter was paddled until her butt was red and “blistered” by a male vice principal now wants to reconsider the policy. But get this: Officials are aiming to change the rules to make it officially OK for a male administrator to paddle a girl. The current policy in the district is that “corporal punishment shall be administered only by an employee who is the same sex as the student.” But now Springtown High School is in trouble, not, some administrators believe, because a man paddled 15-year-old Taylor Santos, but because the old “same gender” policy is too limiting, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The superintendent of the district is trying to change the policy, and the first discussion was scheduled for last night. The district, which carries out the most spankings of any in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, last got into trouble when a coach so severely paddled a 12-year-old boy that it left the kid with a large bruise, convincing officials to limit meting about corporal punishment to administrators. Taylor’s mom didn’t object to her daughter being paddled for sharing homework, but was furious it was done by a man. Another mother said it was “creepy.”

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