28 Nov

School grades: Department of Education data show less than a third of New York City high school students are college-ready

City Education Department releases A’s to F’s for city high schools; numbers are up to 29% from 25% last year

Just 29% of public high school students in the city are prepared for college-level work, new statistics released Monday show.

That’s barely an improvement from last year, when 28% of students qualified, the Department of Education announced as part of its A-to-F report cards for schools.

The grades reveal that many schools are struggling more than the data show, experts said. “Kids in a handful of schools are well prepared — and tens of thousands of kids in hundreds of schools are not,” said former City University of New York dean John Garvey.

“We should be far more concerned with the deep inequities across the whole high school system.”

Indeed, at 225 of the city’s 500-plus high schools, fewer than one in five students was college-ready by the end of four years, the statistics show. At just 25 schools, more than 70% of kids were college-ready.

To pass this measure, students must qualify for CUNY freshmen classes by doing well on the SAT, the math and English Regents, the ACT or the CUNY assessment test.

City officials attributed the one-point gain this year in part to more students taking and doing well on the Regents exams as part of tougher graduation requirements.

“Three years ago, before we started this effort, none of us were talking about college readiness,” said the city’s chief academic officer, Shael Polakow-Suransky. “Now it’s one of the biggest goals we’ve set for our schools.”

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