Bad Teacher

24 Oct

Teacher’s Ill-Advised Field Trip: to Strip Club

Plus: A teaching assistant accidentally emails nude pics to students

By Evann Gastaldo, Newser Staff

Here’s an extracurricular activity that won’t look so great on your kid’s college applications: visiting a strip club with his chemistry teacher. Travis Lechien, 31, was fired from Indiana’s Hanover Central High School on Tuesday for allegedly taking teens to a strip club to celebrate a student’s birthday, NBC Chicago reports. The ex-teacher also faces jail time; he’s been charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor, the Northwest Indiana Times reports. Additional choice detail No. 1: The affidavit explains that Lechien was pulled over for speeding, with the teens in his car, post-strip club. And No. 2: The students, some younger than 18, also say they “hung out” at Lechien’s house frequently, drinking alcohol and smoking from Lechien’s hookah.

And that’s not even this week’s only inappropriate teacher story: A University of Iowa teaching assistant accidentally sent nude pictures to students in her math class, the Press-Citizen reports. has a screenshot of the email, which reads, “Hi Class, I attach the solutions for number 76 and 78 in this email.” It reports the TA gamely made it to class yesterday morning, “clearly very rattled,” which makes sense considering how many people had been discussing the incident on Twitter. University officials are asking students to delete the message and say they are investigating the incident.

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