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Teachers Ask Questions Of Bill Gates

Teachers’ Letters to Bill Gates

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School Reform

How State’s Teachers Get Trained, Licensed Comes Under Board’s Scrutiny

Questions raised about proposed reforms in standards for both alternate-route and traditional college-level education programs

The Christie administration’s plans for reforming the way teachers are trained and licensed for the classroom continued to hit speed bumps yesterday, with a variety of groups and educators raising concerns before the State Board of Education.

  • Would doubling the classroom time required for student-teachers hurt more than help?  Read on…

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A True Story Stuns Students

Man’s true story of bus boycott leaves students stunned

ATLANTA — It is first thing in the morning, and Yolanda Everett is pushing her Sandtown Middle School students to name people with integrity.

“Teacher,” says one. “Judge,” calls out another. One girl raises her hand. “Martin Luther King demonstrated integrity.”

“Sure did,” says Everett.

The lesson today is personal and centers around this book, written by Everett.

“My book is about 10-year-old Peter. He’s growing up in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1955.”

The book is nonfiction. The Peter in ‘Peter and the Boycott’ is Everett’s real life dad, Charles Peter Everett, and it tells his story of the Montgomery bus boycott from his child’s point of view.

Today is an amazing day, because Charles Everett is standing in front of his daughter’s class, the boy from the book made real.

“There were many feelings, but the one thing was we were all in this together. I wasn’t doing this by myself,” he tells the students.

The book tells how in 1955, read on…

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I Don’t Know How Republicans Sleep Good At Night

 The Republicans Propose Bill to Take $3 Billion from Black and Hispanic School Kids

A proposed legislation by the House of Republicans to cut back on budgets could hit hard at school districts serving black and Hispanic students. New data released by the U.S. Department of Education shows that the effort to re-authorize the Elementary and Secondary Education Act could withdraw over $3 billion in federal funding that goes to 33 of the largest school districts which have large numbers of black and Hispanic students.

The bill will allow states to curtail spending on education at sequestration levels and let them transfer the money from schools that really need it to those that are located in wealthier districts.

Should the bill go through, school districts with a high percentage of black students could be out of $1.3 billion while those with a Hispanic majority could lose more than $1.9 billion; Philadelphia with its 55% black population, for example, could lose $412 million while L.A.’s with a 74% Hispanic population could lose $782 million.

U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said in a news release, “The partisan proposal in the House flies in the face of what ESEA was created to do – give every child an equal opportunity to be successful. This bill is bad for children and would turn back the clock on progress. At exactly the time we should be expanding opportunity for America’s students and helping schools recover from the recession this bill would allow unconscionable funding cuts. Our teachers and students deserve better.”Read on…

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Teachers Watch The Film BEFORE You Let Your Students Watch

Teacher Shows Raunchy Film, Gets Jail Time

Sheila Kearns will appeal conviction of disseminating matter harmful to kids

Sheila Kearns, right, listens to testimony in Judge Schneider's courtroom with attorney Geoffrey Oglesby on Jan. 13, 2015.
Sheila Kearns, right, listens to testimony in Judge Schneider’s courtroom with attorney Geoffrey Oglesby on Jan. 13, 2015.   (AP Photo/The Columbus Dispatch, Chris Russell)
                                                                     A tip for teachers: Be sure to watch the movie before you show it to students. As a former Ohio substitute teacher at Columbus’ East High School has learned, not doing so could land you in jail. Yesterday, a judge sentenced long-term temp Sheila Kearns to three years of probation, plus 90 days in jail as a condition, after Kearns showed the unrated movie The ABCs of Death to five classes of students when she was asked to fill in for a Spanish teacher in April 2013, the Columbus Dispatch reports. She was fired two months later. Kearns, 58, who doesn’t speak Spanish, said she didn’t watch the movie beforehand and had her back to the TV all day. What she reportedly missed: grisly deaths, full-frontal nudity, and graphic sex in movie chapters titled “E is for Exterminate” and “O is for Orgasm,” reports the AP.

Kearns, who apologized in court, was convicted of four counts of disseminating matter harmful to juveniles (the students were 14 to 18) in January. A jury cleared her of one count, believing Kearns didn’t know the movie’s content during the first showing. But a student testified that Kearns did watch the movie, and the jury appeared to side with Judge Charles A. Schneider, who said…..

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