A True Story Stuns Students

08 Mar

Man’s true story of bus boycott leaves students stunned

ATLANTA — It is first thing in the morning, and Yolanda Everett is pushing her Sandtown Middle School students to name people with integrity.

“Teacher,” says one. “Judge,” calls out another. One girl raises her hand. “Martin Luther King demonstrated integrity.”

“Sure did,” says Everett.

The lesson today is personal and centers around this book, written by Everett.

“My book is about 10-year-old Peter. He’s growing up in Montgomery, Alabama, in 1955.”

The book is nonfiction. The Peter in ‘Peter and the Boycott’ is Everett’s real life dad, Charles Peter Everett, and it tells his story of the Montgomery bus boycott from his child’s point of view.

Today is an amazing day, because Charles Everett is standing in front of his daughter’s class, the boy from the book made real.

“There were many feelings, but the one thing was we were all in this together. I wasn’t doing this by myself,” he tells the students.

The book tells how in 1955, read on…

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